Visage Acne Skin – 10 Ml.




Acne is a skin condition affecting about 80% of teenagers, but also infants, pregnant women. Hormones are one of the leading causes of acne in adults.

Acne is a non-contagious skin disease or dermatosis due to an increase in sebum secretion by the sebaceous gland associated with inflammation phenomena. She is responsible for blackheads.

Our formula helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and breakout. it also stops the spread of acne-related bacteria to other part of the face or the body.

Our products are made for people very sensitive to synthetic and conservative products. This is why we use only the nature’s resources¬† with the least possible alteration.

Ingredients – This blend is made with 100% pure essential oil of Tea Tree, Niaouli, Rosemary, Juniper Berry and Evening Primrose as Carrier Oil.

The benefits of Evening Primrose – Studied published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science have even show that EPO can help with age-related structure and functional changes in skin tissue such as redness, firmness, roughness and fatigue resistance symptoms of eczema.

Application – Gently wash your face. Apply 2 drops on fore head, cheeks or other part of the body with the acne symptoms are present before to go to bed. On the morning, gently wash your face and apply again.

Safety Guidelines – For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eyes contact. Apply one drop on your forearm for eventual skin reaction before to use on your face.


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