Patchouli Essential Oil – 1/2 Fl.Oz.



100 % Pure Essential Oil
Origin – Indonesia
Botanical NamePogosteman cablin
Extraction Method – Steam distilled from leaves.
Properties Patchouli is used to treat stress, overwork, depression, confusion, anxiety and nervous fatigue. Help with circulatory problems such as varicose veins. It is an intestinal antiseptic and can be used in case of dysentery or diarrhea. Help in case of constipation. It has a tonic effect for the body. It is also antimicrobial, bactericidal and fungicidal. It is considered an aphrodisiac, and can be used in case of frigidity and impotence. It helps in case of cellulite because it has properties against the retention of liquids. It is used in case of acne, skin infections like fungus, eczema. It helps against skin aging and helps in cracked skin. It can be used as a deodorant. It helps to keep moths away.
Safety GuidelinesFor external use only. Keep out of reach of children. It stimulates the body which is used in small quantities and has a sedative effect when used in high doses. Apply a drop on your forearm for eventual skin reaction before using the product.

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