Lemon Essential Oil – 1/2 Fl.Oz.



100 % Pure Essential Oil
Origin Italy
Botanical Name Citrus limonum
Extraction MethodCold press from peel.
Properties Lemon oil is a nervous tonic and revitalizing. It can be used in case of migraine, depression and seasonal depression like winters. It is used to fight against all respiratory infections and is used in case of oral infection and can be used in mouthwash (stomatitis, gingivitis, gum disease, ulcers, canker sores). Inhalation helps in case of sinusitis. It is essential for the digestive system as in case of sourness of stomach, gastric ulcers and hyperaciditis, the essential oil of lemon is alkalizing and remineralizing. It is very active on the purification and tonification of the liver. It has a hemostatic action and serves to stop hemorrhages like those of the nose or slight wounds. It tones the body and can be used for arthritis, joint inflammation and rheumatism. In friction, it relaxes the muscles and relieves cramps.
Safety GuidelinesExternal use only, Keep out of  reach of children. Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. Always check with some drop on the forearm for possible allergic reaction directly on the skin before using this product. Otherwise dilute it with a vegetable oil.


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