Cypress French Essential Oil – 1/2 Fl.Oz.



100 % Pure Essential oil
Origin – France
Botanical Name – Cupressus semperviens
Extraction Method – Steam Distilled from leaves and twigs of the tree.
PropertiesCypress French essential oil can be used in case of sadness, mourning. It is useful in cases of insomnia. Even though  if it does not have a strong sens, it is really effective against respiratory problems. It is antiseptic and antispasmodic digestive. It helps to stimulate the blood and capillary circulation. It balances the body and decongestant the venous and lymphatic system. It can help reducing excessive sweating of the body and feet. It could regulate the menstrual and hormonal cycle. For the skin, it helps against aging and calms the seborrhea
Safety Guidelines – For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid during pregnancy. Avoid  in case of high blood pressure, it can create hot flashes and dizziness in high doses.
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