Basil Essential Oil – 1/2 Fl.Oz.



100 % Pure Essential Oil

Origin : Italy

Botanical name : Ocimum basilicum

Properties : You are looking for an essential oil to tone the nervous system. Basil Essential oil is the best, but should be used in moderation to avoid an effect sedative. It stimulates digestion and vitalizes the body by using a few drops in the bath. Can be used with Marjoram essential oil to reduce physical fatigue and convalescence, they also help to restore sleep with some drops on a cloth in the bed. It helps against respiratory infections. It helps to have a better self-esteem and increases self-confidence. It helps with blood circulation with lavender and rosemary and helps to keep muscles and joints in good physical condition. It helps against acne and affections of the skin as an insect bite.

Safety guideline : For External Use only, Keep out of reach of children. Avoid taking it if you want to stop breastfeeding the baby. Always check with some drop on the forearm for possible allergic reaction directly on the skin before using this product. Otherwise dilute it with a vegetable oil.

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