Serotonin transporters, a direct relation with depression.

Studies in neuroscience demonstrate that the serotonin transporters are an interesting factor of depression. After studying on healthy volunteers carrying the s-allele gene.

Interestingly, the s-allele has been shown to be associated with major depressive disorder in those who have experienced traumatic or stressful life events. How can we influence the production of dopamine to reduce the s-allele effects as low dopamine? Some Essential oils with a high percentage of Terpenes such as linalool, linalyl acetate could reduce this problem as lavender essential oil

Also the essential oils of Rosewood, Neroli, Basil can be interesting to take a look . Linalyl acetate another terpene family is more volatile and can be found in citrus, cinnamon, birch. A combination of some essential oil listed can definitively improve anxiety and depression.

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